24/7 High-Tech Indoor Cricket Training Centres

We’re delivering you cricket 100% of the time!



Now you don’t have to – at Century Cricket Centres!

Century Cricket Centres have committed to developing an all-weather, all-time cricket training experience for players of all ages and levels of experience.

Our goal is to make training;

Flexible: Allowing you to train at any time, 24/7. We’re fitting the centre out with gym membership technology, allowing you to book your training lane via an app and access the centre with a members fob.

Cost-Effective: You won’t have to pay for a lane and machine every time you want to train, with one simple membership you’ll have unrivalled access to an indoor training facility at all hours of the day or night.

World-Class: As a member you’ll have access to world-class equipment, featuring the latest technology and training innovations, that will help elevate your game to the next level. We’ve got some exciting plans to continue building out what our members have access to.


You’ll be training with technology that most players don’t have access to!

Below is an outline of the equipment and technology you’ll have access to as a member.


The ultimate cricket bowling machine! Microprocessor based digital speed control with membrane switch panel. Adjustable speed in increments between 15 and 95 mph. Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings. Electronic random variation facility with solid state electronic wheel braking.

Click here to learn more about the Bola Professional


The only spin specific bowling machine on the market, ‘Merlyn by BOLA’ provides the coach with the flexibility to deliver any combination of leg-breaks, off-breaks, top spinners and arm balls that he or she requires. The ‘easy to use’ switch panel allows complete control of line, speed, flight and the amount of top spin and side spin imparted to each delivery. The machine can be programmed to deliver any ‘over’ the coach can conceive. 

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The ‘TrueMan by BOLA’ Bowling Machine incorporates projected video image of bowlers. These bowler animations are produced by artwork made from real life video footage and so an extensive library of actions and styles of bowling can be built up with any player’s action able to be reproduced.  They ‘give players the natural cues they need to get ready for each shot and releases all their normal batting triggers,’ is how MCC Head Coach Mark Alleyne described the innovations introduced by TrueMan. The TrueMan is electromechanical active and programmable by any Wi-Fi enabled device (tablet, phone or laptop) by downloading the BOLA app. All the machine’s functions (line, length, speed and swing) can then be manipulated and saved as individual balls, overs or spells. They can then be used as selected or ‘shuffled’ to produce random sequences. The bowler animations can be changed at any time and can be matched with any number of deliveries.

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Linked to the iPad in our bowling lane, FullTrack AI provides auto clipped videos showing speed, swing, spin, pitch-maps and more.

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Lanes 1 & 5 will have TV screens fixed to the wall at the batters end with split screen – front on and side on view of the batters. The footage will be delayed allowing batters to view their shot after playing it and self analyse.


A powerful and accurate speed gun with LED lighting fixed at the back of the net. Great feedback tool for fast bowlers.

Click here to learn more about Stalker Sports Speed Gun


A tennis training tool that has become a popular training device for cricketers, particularly juniors. Used as a low trajectory tennis ball bowling machine or a high volume catching training tool.

Click here to learn more about Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine


An entry level bowling machine for junior cricketers.

Click here to learn more about Soft Toss Ball Machine


Each lane will have an iPad with tripod available for video recording and self analysis.


Founding Memberships - EXAMPLE PRICES

If you secure a foundation membership, you will receive the discounted price for the life of your membership.


12-Month Membership


Weekly Membership - No Lock In Contract


Family Weekly Membership

Standard Memberships - EXAMPLE PRICES


12-Month Membership


Weekly Membership - No Lock In Contract


Family Weekly Membership


You’ll have unlimited access to the centre, 24/7. You’ll be able to book lanes online via an app. There will be some restrictions in place for the number of bookings you can make at once, particularly in peak times. This is to ensure all players get fair access to the centre and prevent, for example, one person booking peak times everyday for 30 days in a row.
Given the membership model has never been done in cricket (as far as we know), part of the learning will be member usage data and potential membership capacities. As we discover the capacity of the centre and estimate demand, we’ll be releasing additional memberships in batches.
Not initially, we want to ensure our members get full opportunity to train when they want. Once we’re operational, we will gather usage data and will consider potentially incorporating casual bookings in the future (at a premium).
Soon! Our first priority is to launch the centre and focus on getting the membership model right. Once we have done that, we will be exploring employing quality coaches and offering memberships that include one-on-one and small group coaching, kind of like a golf pro!

All attendees must be members. If you are both members – one person can book the lane and you can train together, or book lanes side-by-side and chat while doing your own thing.

If you’re family members, e.g. two siblings or a parent with kids, we have a discounted family membership option that allows you to train under one membership using the same net.

12-month memberships are non-refundable. Memberships are pausable for up to 4 weeks of the year ($5/week while paused, much like a gym). The heavy discount for a 12-month commitment means we are unable to refund you. There is a 14-day cooling-off period for this membership.

Weekly memberships may be cancelled at any time, with 14-days notice. If you cancel your membership and want to rejoin, you will have to pay the membership rate at the time of rejoining. We anticipate reaching capacity and having a waiting list, so if that’s the case you’ll join the back of the queue and be offered a membership when spots become available due to cancellations.

Our team will walk you through the process when you sign up. All members will be required to sign waivers and membership documents, and you’ll also need to complete an in-person induction. This will involve a centre walk-through from one of our staff, who will explain how to use all training equipment, lane booking instructions, centre access and general rules. For Foundation Members, the first 20 minutes of your first booking will be an induction.
You will book your desired lane via an app and then access or check-in to the centre with a key fob when you arrive. Lane bookings will be for 1hr.
Not always! We’ll have staff at the centre from 9am-5pm, and potentially in the evenings. The rest of the time the centre will be under surveillance. Opening hours are something that may change over time as we learn more about the 24/7 membership model.
Our first priority is to open the centre and induct our foundation members. After that we’ll be exploring how we can incorporate clubs without impacting the members’ experience. This will likely be through a limited number of club partnerships who will be able to book lanes in preseason and during summer.
Initially we won’t be allowing private coaches to use the centre for commercial purposes, but it’s in our future plans to explore how we can incorporate private coach memberships.